The way you portray yourself and your business online is vital, but the content you’re providing your clients with online might not be the content that they want to see, or can relate with. Whether you’ve just started out on your business venture or you’re a well-established business, these tips are going to benefit you in some way.

With the circumstances in the world forever changing, it is always important to keep your social presence up, whether that be on your website or through social media. 

Facebook Content

Content no matter what platform it’s on is a crucial part of engaging with your clients. Facebook has many different features which are great to use if you’re wanting to communicate with your audience more, facebook lives being one. Facebook lives allow your audience to get a more personal engagement from you, it also allows them to comment back, engaging with what you’re talking about. The best feature with Facebook Lives is that your audience will get a notification as soon as you’re live, almost drawing them in. One feature that you could use to your advantage is a Facebook Bot, this automates any messages between you and your audience and can sometimes allow them to find what they’re after much quicker. Facebook Bots can also be programmed to alert your audience when you are live, this allows you to still engage with your audience even when you’re busy! Another personal form of engagement through Facebook would be Facebook Groups, they are a great way to communicate with like-minded people, share interests and build a community.


Blogging is a super important and key way to drive your audience back to your website. It gives you the opportunity to write relatable and useful content for your audience to read, as well as giving your audience a reason to click through to your website. Blogs are also a great way to increase your SEO, fresh content is key if you want to rank higher than your competitors on google, this can really push your online presence and allow you to reach more people. Trust is massively important, especially if it’s someone new visiting your website, blogging is a great opportunity to get personal and grab their trust. 

Be Relatable and Engaging

When writing content for your audience it needs to be engaging and relatable, otherwise they aren’t going to bother reading it. The more relatable content you write, the more your audience will click, share and talk about it, for example, the quotes I post out every morning at 7am are super relatable to my audience’s journey, therefore they share and like because it means something to them.


Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are all great platforms to use ads on, and are a great way to reach more people that you normally wouldn’t. Not only are ads suitable for engaging with more people across different platforms, but they are also perfect for brand awareness and getting people to recognise who you are and what you do, maybe they’ll realise that what you do can help them?

Find their pain point

It is key you make it clear that you have the solution to your clients problem, connect with their pain points and offer them a solution. Helping them bridge their problem and pain to the solution will allow you to walk them through the journey, so they know that their solution is coming from you and your services. This also then builds trust and it quickly solves your clients issue, perhaps you could even add them to a Facebook group so they can chat to people with similar interests and issues, then it’s another person you can add to your audience.