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'To The Heart Of It' Podcast

‘To The Heart Of It’ Podcast is the therapy you never knew you needed.

Ben sits down with guests and deep dives into questions that uncover the raw truths that lie beneath the surface...

Prepare to hear raw, real, candid, authentic stories, as you’re taken truly to the heart of questions and topics that really matter.

If raw, genuine vulnerability unsettles you, proceed with caution. These conversations may be challenging to listen to,

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Podcast 2 Profit™️

If you've seen the Podcast, you will of seen, I’m in a purpose built studio,

I’m a coach and I’m recording a podcast to

- Grow our audience,

- Reach new people 

- All whilst building trust and authority in our niche…

This studio is owned by 7 Figure Coach, a company I’m partnered with, who help other coaches to grow and scale their coaching businesses online…

If you’re a coach, author, speaker or expert in your field, and you’d like to see how the performance of this podcast translates into business revenue.

As well how much we make from the youtube monetisation and podcast sponsorship deals, download the 'Podcast 2 Profit' Guide, completely free, below.

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